About Pub Frato

Pub Frato is a gastropub built on a foundation of love of family, friends and food!

Although our hope is to bring a restaurant to Concord that we have always wanted to frequent in our neighborhood but has not been available for us, it was our love of family that brought two cousins together—each one bringing a key component to the creation of Pub Frato.

Chris Frate, owner and lifelong Concord resident, was a bartender and manager of a bar in Cleveland’s old Flats district. The bartending bug never left Chris, and he has always wanted to get back behind the bar keeping customers happy. Even though his role is now as an owner, you are sure to see Chris behind the bar where he feels most comfortable.

Nick Frate, chef, has been in the culinary industry since he started working at his dad’s restaurant as a kid. Nick has trained under very-talented chefs and brings his own talent and passion for creating food to his kitchen at Pub Frato. The stars aligned, and these two cousins were able to bring their dreams together and open Pub Frato.

Derived from their family name, Frato translates to “brother” and “monk” in Italian. Taking the family name was our nod to the monks who truly perfected the beer brewing process. Thanks, brothers!

Our love of friends creates a casual, cozy space at Pub Frato where people can gather in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer an inviting, “come-as-you-are” atmosphere where there are no strangers—only friends who haven’t met yet!

Our love of food brings Pub Frato a chef-inspired creative menu that focuses on plates to be shared, high quality handhelds and dinner plates that are a step above the traditional pub fare. Our menu offers a balance between the combination of flavors that you will find on a fine dining menu and the comfort of a perfectly flipped burger all at a moderate price.

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten. Going hand-in-hand with our love of food is our love for a great brewmaster-inspired craft beer. Our many craft beers on tap and by the bottle offer a wide range for every beer loving palate. So, next time you are in Pub Frato, be sure to check out Pub Frato’s beer named after the two cousins Frate, Pub Frato’s 2 Cousin’s Kolsch!

At Pub Frato, you will also find our handcrafted cocktails, a carefully selected list of wines and small-batch whiskeys and bourbons meant to be appreciated with friends and family over great conversation.

Love of food, created by family, surrounded by friends; that’s Pub Frato.