What People are Saying……

Come on in to see what all the buzz is about…..we’re sure you’ll find a great place to MEET*EAT*DRINK

“Wow…in town for work and found this place. Amazing service, fun/active bar and the beer selection is 5 stars! But the food was a huge surprise. I don’t know who is in the kitchen but they are in their prime. The food was extremely good and memorable after a few more great beers. I will go out of my way to find a way back.”

“Oh my! How have I not expressed my love for this place yet! “The Pub” as we call it is one of our favorites. They have great …. everything. From the burgers to fries to salads to beverages, you can not go wrong. I would call ahead if possible, because on any given night this is a hot spot. But you can always grab a drink at the bar and wait for your table. The menu tends to change on occasion but I never have a problem finding something new and delicious to try. The service is friendly, fast and efficient.
*Pretzel is amazing. The salt and dips are key.
*Mac-n-cheese — ohhhh myyyy!!! Monday night special fyi.
*Salads – half or full I think all are amazing!
*Fries – alone or with any of the topping options are delicious!
*Weeknight specials are great!”

“The waitstaff is very friendly and personable, and the food is high quality! The daily deals are absolutely fantastic, we got a great deal on some Buffalo mac and cheese, and the Buffalo tacos were also tasty. Definely recommend checking out!”